What Should I Know Before Buying a Sex Doll?

You’ve been toying with the idea for a while now and have finally decided to treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence: a sex doll to satisfy all your needs, from the regular sex to the downright mind-blowing fantasies.

But wait! We know you’re raring to go, but take a minute to note down these vital tips and things you must know before purchasing your brand-new sexual companion.

Consider the Budget and the Seller

The adage “you get what you pay for” has never been so true. Sex dolls come in such a vast array of shapes, sizes, and materials, and with so many accessories, that your new doll may end up kitted out better than you.

Your budget will determine exactly what kind of doll you purchase; pay less, and you might be disappointed with the quality. Pay a little more, and your doll will surely outlive you. If your dream doll is just out of your price range, then sure, you could get the next best model, but consider saving for a couple more months to get exactly what you want.

Don’t buy from anywhere that you’re not sure about. Only buy from reputable, trusted sellers who have excellent reviews and testimonials either on DollForum or on Trustpilot.

Research the Different Materials

Sex dolls are usually made from either silicone or thermoplastic elastomers, or TPE. Which one you go for will determine the entire experience, and there’s no right or wrong answer: it’s all about preference.

Silicone sex dolls have no smell, require low maintenance, and their skin comes out very realistic. They are also quite durable, so consider how active a workout you’ll be putting your doll through. TPE isn’t as durable, but the breasts and the skin are very soft and jiggly. TPE sex dolls are more affordable. Please choose which material will be best for your needs.

For example, are you looking to shower with your beautiful doll? Then go for silicone. Silicone sex dolls have the “standing feet without bolts” option, which makes it perfectly fine to submerge your doll up to the neck line. If you have a doll with visible bolts under the feet, when you shower, the water will go through the bolts and into the skeleton, slowly corroding it. Are you happy to skip the mutual shower, but you want the softest, most luscious breasts on the planet? You’ll want TPE.

Your safety is paramount, too. Only buy a doll that is safe for you to use. There are plenty of fakes on the market, and they’ll not only become damaged quickly, but they can also cause injury to the user if their materials are dangerous. The safest rule to avoid the fakes is to skip the dolls that are less than $1,000 USD in price. Also, purchase from legitimate vendors with real Trustpilot reviews or vendors that were tested by the DollForum community.

Size Matters

Carmen from WM; 73 lbs or 33 kg doll

No, we’re not talking about you, but your doll. And believe us when we tell you that considering the size of the doll is as important as any other decision you’ll make in this process.

If you live in a studio apartment but you like to host game night with the fellas, give some thought to where you’ll be storing the doll when it’s not required. Most dolls should be stored vertically to avoid wrinkling the material, but they can be stored vertically in a discreet box. A doll that is lighter will be easier to store and hide when you are done using her.

Sex dolls can be heavy, too. For the same pleasurable experience without the size and weight, it might be better to get a mini doll rather than a full-sized one. This can also drastically reduce the price, which is better on your wallet. From our experience, don’t go heavier than 88 lbs (40 kg) when purchasing your sex doll unless you are a powerlifter or very fit.

Remember, a sex doll is a dead weight, which is hard to hold on to while moving. If there is a choice between light and heavy, we always recommend going light! A great place to look at would be the petite sex doll category. This category includes dolls like Carmen that are lighter than 88 lbs and are easy to move and store.

Spend Some Time on Creating Your Fantasy

You and your stunning doll are going to enjoy thousands of wonderful nights together, so be sure that the doll you pick is one who will satisfy you time and time again.

Think about breast size, ass size, whether you want a silicone or TPE sex doll, an enhanced mouth, a removable vagina (for easy cleaning), standing feet, the color of the nails… The choices are practically endless.

Reputable companies want to ensure they send you a product you’ll love, so don’t be shy to request a certain eye or hair color, large or small areolas, or even the kind of pubic hair you’d prefer. This is YOUR fantasy, your creation.

There are plenty of ways to accessorize your doll after you’ve received it, too, including with its wigs, cat ears, clothes for cosplay (including the sexiest of lingerie), and high heel shoes. Click here to buy an anime sex doll and Click here to purchase cosplay clothing for her!

Cleaning Products and Lube

Never use silicone-based lube on a sex doll, as it can damage the material. Never use alcohol, cooking oil, butter, or anything else but a water-based lube. Pick these items up before the doll arrives and use plenty during your hot and steamy sessions. Even using a condom does not make the cavities of the doll hygienic after use. All residual lubricant has to be washed out after use.

Cleaning a sex doll is easy enough but vital. Bacteria will easily grow in all the nooks and crannies where fluids have been deposited, so use a mild antibacterial soap or wipes to gently keep the doll clean after each use.

When storing for some time, use flour or corn starch to stop the material from becoming sticky and attracting dirt. For TPE dolls, don’t forget weekly sessions of baby oil for the skin to keep the skin moisturized and avoid future damage.

Water-based lubricant

Vagina irrigator

Have Fun!

Sex dolls are for fun, adult times, so be sure to pick your absolute favorite doll with customization and enjoy cosplay or sex with her. You’ll surely develop an exciting and unusually close bond for years of play.

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