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Big Booty Sex Dolls

If you are looking for sex dolls with big curvy asses, then you came to the right place! This is a Big Booty Sex Doll category for those that want them big, so there would be something to grab on to, jiggly for your amusement and sexy for the late night sex!

These dolls have been hand picked to fit the category well. The bodies are mostly made from TPE, but there are silicone big booty sex dolls as well. All the dolls offer oral, anal and vaginal sex, which is great as it gives the user great variety for sex. We offer genuine dolls from such manufacturers as WM Doll, YL Doll, AF Doll and more.

Big dolls like these ones in this catalog tent to be hefty in weight. Please check every doll’s product description. Big asses do make the doll weight more simply because of more materials used! A heavier doll makes it more difficult to handle her and pose her, but there are 150cm big booty sex dolls and lower in height that have reached equilibrium of a doll that has big booty and still is relatively easy to handle.

(Attention: check the product descriptions for the crevices depth and the doll’s weight to be sure you can handle her!)

Before purchase, we ask you to check our Trustpilot reviews and factory pictures of our previous orders. Tenderdolls is a verified seller and distributor of big booty sex dolls. You don’t need to look any further if you want a truly genuine big booty sex doll!