ElsaBabe is a Silicone Sex Doll brand specializing in Silicone Sex Doll and masturbator products. Their dolls have a very specific look, pointy anime faces and large eyes, even furry heads for true anime lovers! ElsaBabe sex dolls are made from high quality imported Platinum Silicone, which makes the skin ultra soft, without smell which requires low maintenance. All dolls have Fixed vagina, Gel breasts and stainless steel EVO skeleton inside which allows even difficult poses. A special Unfadeable Make-up is used for the heads, areolas and labias. After every order is manufactured, the customer always receives factory pictures for confirmation. If you like some features of the doll adjusted, we will be more than happy to help you out! To have a feel of how soft the dolls are, Click Here for breast Shaking & Jiggle Videos!

ElsaBabe sex dolls offer three crevices, oral, vaginal and anal, also a rare feature which is adjustable breast sizes. So far they have four bodies: 102cm, 148cm, 150cm and 165cm. The 148cm can have S, M and L size breasts, while 150cm and 165cm offers S, M, L, XL and XXL breasts! So if you like them small, or big, ElsaBabe has you covered!

Tenderdolls is a verified supplier and distributor of the beautiful ElsaBabe products with genuine reviews on Trustpilot and TDF forums. We advise you to check them out before your purchase! ElsaBabe is widely known on TDF Forums with countless customers who are happy with their newly received ElsaBabe waifus!

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