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GameLady is a Silicone Sex Doll brand that is new in this industry, but has close ties with Zelex manufacturer that helps them manufacture their dolls. What differentiates them from the competition, is the focus on making sex dolls, that imitate famous game characters. Ever had a crush on a female character from the game? Lara Croft, Ciri, Jill Valentine and many more… Well now is your chance to make those dreams come true with GameLady! Click Here for a video Showcase of material softness and detail!

Currently GameLady offers three bodies, 166cm D Cup, 167cm C Cup and 168cm D Cup, all offer vaginal,anal and oral sex. All these bodies have big breasts, so there is enough breast material for the them to be soft and allow amusing jiggles! Every GameLady Sex Doll receives Gel Breasts, Standing Feet, Articulated Fingers, Implanted Eyebrows & Eyelashes, Realistic Body Painting, Weight reduction and Moveable jaw for Free. This is unheard of in the industry. This means that every doll is made perfect, without compromises and added costs for extra options!

Tenderdolls is a verified supplier of GameLady dolls ★★★★★. We recommend to always check reviews of previous customers before purchasing on Trustpilot and our TDF Forums page. If there is a GameLady doll or an custom option you cannot find on our catalog or customization, please contact us, we will be more than happy to check!