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  1. In addition to the 148-S Kako Matoko, Tenderdolls also helped me with a 148-M with the Ijuuin Maki and Amano Minami heads. The shipping charges on Elsa Babe’s head for photos promos make that deal less attractive, but I was able to have the free head sent in the same box with the 2nd doll to save on that. Both shipments arrived without damage and with all order details correct. Cute and comfy.

    Image #1 from Neal
    Image #2 from Neal
    Image #3 from Neal
    Image #4 from Neal
    Image #5 from Neal
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  2. Zari with GE57Z_2 head and GD17Z head. She’s so cute and Tenderdolls gave me an awesome price for her. I was skeptical about the prices at first because, they’re cheaper than other sites. Oliver will take care of you so don’t hesitate to ask any question. I asked every question I could think of. They won’t try to push a product on you aren’t satisfied with. I was even recommended not to make hasty decisions and buy something I wasn’t sure about. I will definitely be coming back to annoy the crap out of Oliver again with my questions. Check out the pictures of my honey. I call her Iris now.

    Image #1 from Kwangsoo S.
    Image #2 from Kwangsoo S.
    Image #3 from Kwangsoo S.
    Image #4 from Kwangsoo S.
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  3. The detail put into her was impressive to say the least. She looks so realistic!

    Image #1 from thebritisback18
    Image #2 from thebritisback18
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  4. Absolutely gorgeous. This is the GE57Z_2 head with the Zari body. She’s pretty heavy so be aware of the weight. The realism and craftsmanship is exquisite. There are some seamlines but it’s pretty easy to cover them up. The joints are stiff so it takes some work to pose but it’s better than them flopping around. The wrists don’t seem to rotate or I havent figured out how to do it. Soft belly and soft vagina seem to included. It’s absolutely fascinating how human she looks. Contrary to the pictures she actually has very nice curves. Breasts feel nice and soft. Pictures just can’t seem to capture them correctly. She feels amazing as well. I wish more people would post reviews.

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  5. Amazing customer service throughout the entire process. Great company, you guys are awesome!!! 10 stars!

    Image #1 from Jerry F.
    Image #2 from Jerry F.
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  6. Great communication. Always available to answer questions and provide updates.

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    • Thank so so much Thomas for giving us the opportunity to serve you 😊. We always try our best to keep the customer in the process loop when his doll is being manufactured!

      If you’ll need any help in the future, please let us know!


  7. Outstanding Customer Service

    Overall amazing experience! I received responses to questions extremely quickly and even on weekends. I wanted to make changes to my order a few days later, and it was all taken care of and made super easy to pay the difference. After ordering from a similar site and getting ghosted with an incorrect tracking number for two weeks, this is the polar opposite. Seriously outstanding work! Thanks Jake and Oliver!

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    • I’m very thankful for your wonderful review and 5 stars rating! 😊 We are really sorry to hear that you had bad experience with a previous sex doll purchase and are very happy that Tenderdolls gave you the polar opposite service!

      I really really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart Adam, if you’ll need any help in the future please let us know!

      Oliver and Jake

  8. Amazing customer service throughout the entire process. Great company, you guys are awesome!!! 10 stars!

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    • Wow Jerry! Thank you so much for your feedback! 😄 And thank you for the 10 stars! 🙂 I truly hope your doll will provide you many memorable moments and will last a long time!

      In the meantime, if you’ll have any questions, please let me know.

      Best regards,

  9. She is so beautiful I couldn’t ask for anything better I call her heidie shes so awesome and she got super soft and jiggy breast shipping was super fast and casper and August were super helpful with everything thanks alot bros you guys rock 🤘 thanks again guys

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    • Thank you KAzO! Please send my best regards to your brother! 😊 It was a an absolute pleasure to work with you guys. I hope these new dolls will provide long lasting fun and memorable experiences when compared to your previous dolls.

      If you’ll need any help whatsoever in the future please let me know!

  10. A Dream Come True
    After watching literally hundreds of love dolls I always came back to the black beauty Shanice on Tenderdolls. Super long legs, little tight butt and breasts, full lips for endless kissing and eyes which can get you in a kind of trance. If you want to have a doll which exceeds just sexual use then I recommend to really take time to search for the right model and time for the customization process, even if it takes months like in my case. It could be a life changing decision.

    Don’t be discouraged by the factory photos in flat light. When my doll arrived I could not believe my eyes and my hands. She looks so real in the right light and the touch is just unbelievable. Hugging, holding hands, squeezing, kissing … the full Doll Tantra. Also the wig stays perfectly in place, no matter which position of the doll. And I am so glad that I waited for WM dolls update for the extra finger skeleton. Holding hands has become a total new meaning. But you have to be very careful with the delicate finger bones, especially when carrying the doll into a new position.

    Unlike the finger skeleton the toes are very wobbly. You can avoid this by putting on silky smooth stockings, so the toes are more protected and the feeling of touching the legs is a wonderful upgrade with this I experience.

    Thanks to Oliver’s customers support and answering all my questions quickly and efficient I could make the right decisions. Also after the doll arrival you are supported by him for further care taking measures. Because of the customer support and the transparent and easy customization process I would recommend for everyone who thinks about purchasing a love doll for life.

    Pity that I cannot post a picture of her.

    With best wishes,

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    • I have never read such a wonderful review in my life! Thank you Carsten dearly. I’m really happy that your doll is able to provide you such pleasurable moments! 😊

      We will also send the wig and eye set which you ordered, but couldn’t find in the package! Our apologies!

      Kindest wishes,

  11. April is a knock out…
    Thanks man im so happy with april shes 100% authentic you guys are awsome…i even customized her and she perfect just how i wanted her whats cool about tender dolls is if you dont like the make up they will re do it to your liking…i had April redone 3 times and she is so sexy…oliver is a good guy he answered all my questions and we be came really cool…i got anouther doll from us dolls or some bull sh%#$ and it was a knock off but when i got april home she knocked my socks off of how beautiful she looked man you guys are so dope…and ill refer you to anyone… and having a love doll im not ashamed in the least bit ill tell everyone about her…i got my girl home and shes got a great home…thanks again guys and not just for the doll for all your suport and friendship.. ps…i had a problem trying to buy her with the bank and Oliver kept his patients and walked me threw it all…even live video chatted with me and we became really good friends…its not just about my doll i made a really cool friend as well oliver you are awsome…thanks for everthing man….ill keep you updated on the new youtube channel

    Later Mez

    Ill hit ya up on messenger….Thanx again guys

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    • Thank you for such an amazing review and taking the time to write your experience with Tenderdolls. It is truly a pleasure to read it my friend! ❤️

      Let me know if you’ll try any cosplay or new looks for your doll, I’m super interested!


  12. Five-star online store.
    I bought on online store with a price lower than the market price. The dolls were of very poor quality and the real dolls are very different from the photos. Now I chose this online store and the T1 Miyou that arrived are exactly the same as the real one. I am very happy, thank you

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    • My pleasure to serve you Mik! 😊 I truly think there is no comparison between genuine and non genuine dolls that are on the market.

      Anyways, please let me know if you’ll need any help in the future!

  13. A great place to buy a lovely doll
    Support is great! very friendly, quick to respond and helpful.

    I bought the anime doll “shiori A” and have owned her for 4 months now. She is so cute and lovely, and her skin is very soft, her breasts are nice and soft, but not perfect. her vagina and anus feels amazing! but unfortunately her anus tear quite badly quickly, and the inside between her anus and vegina seems also very weak, as there is already a hole in between, and for that reason i would not recommend her until the problem have been resolved.

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    • Thank you for your constructive feedback Morten.

      These dolls should last much longer than that. I have already forwarded this information to the Piper Doll manufacturer for a solution or to give compensation.


  14. My Leona came in 3 weeks Oliver 😉 is awesome helped me threw the hole process

    Kept me updated on everything emailed me with all the details
    And if I didn’t like anything about her they would fix her before sending her out that’s so legit

    I was so thrilled when she came and her gel breast feel so real all over this is the legitest site I ever_been too they even tell you how to clean and properly take care of your doll

    I love my MELLY

    you ROCK bro thank you so much for everything!!!!!….🤘 kAzO

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    • Was an absolute pleasure to have you as a customer kAzO! If you’ll need any help or have any questions whatsoever, please let me know!😊


  15. Great service. Fast production & delivery. Oliver was a pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend.

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    • Thank you Gino for such a warmhearted review! Let me know if I can be of any help in the future! 😊