Sex Doll Factory Photos

On this page you can see the photos of Tenderdolls past orders. This gallery is intended to show how the dolls look on the production line. Once a customer orders a sex doll from our store, we send confirmation pictures like the ones below to the customer 8 days after the order is placed. If the customer is not pleased with the factory pictures, on this step customer can request changes to be made to his sex doll. Factories are determined to do anything in their power to make the customer happy with his sex doll. Upon customer’s request, the changes to the doll’s hairstyle and make-up can be made. Only when the customer approves his sex doll’s factory pictures, his doll is shipped to him.

Most Recent Factory Photos (before shipping)

*Only when customer approves the factory pictures the doll is shipped to his address.
* Changes can be made to makeup, areola, labia colors, wigs even after the factory pictures are shown.

All Factory Photos

Shipped to US, Phoenix
Shipped to US, Huntington
Shipped to US, Buffalo
Shipped to Budapest, Hungary
Shipped to US, San Francisco
Shipped to US, Modesto
Shipped to Budapest, Hungary
Shipped to Budapest, Hungary
Shipped to Pittsburg, CA
Shipped to Crystal Lake, IL
Shipped to Bedford Heights, OH