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Zelex Doll

Zelex Doll factory is by far one of the highest quality silicone doll factories out there. They have been creating sex dolls, under AXB, WAX Doll, Angel Diary since 2013. The designs of the bodies are made by referencing real woman models, which gives that not highly fetishized, but very realistic body and head shapes. The attention to detail is so strict that you can see every bump on the skin, vein and blemish. Such craftsmanship is currently unseen in a silicone Sex Doll industry. Tenderdolls is verified Zelex Silicone Sex Doll supplier and distributor, you can Check it Here.

When purchasing Zelex Doll, they will include two heads, one soft (with oral tunnel), one hard head (without oral, but ultra realistic). Zelex Doll believes that every doll has to be perfect without compromises so all their dolls include Gel Breasts, Standing feet, EXP skeleton, Movable eyes, Articulated fingers, Realistic body painting, Weight reduction and Gel butt (currently only for 170cm body) for Free. All Zelex dolls offer oral, anal and vaginal crevices. The breasts are filled with special pink gel, which actually feels the same as real breasts, not just similar. The make up, areolas, labia and various details on the skin are painted with exclusive non fadeable make up, which lasts way longer than regular make up.

Zelex just introduced their Inspiration series. It offers improved body make up, removable vagina as an option, full oral structure with soft tongue and teeth and gel butt. Currently all the 170cm body orders will be manufactured as Inspiration series free of charge, other bodies soon will join inspiration series as well!

We recommend checking Tenderdolls on TDF Forums and our amazing Trustpilot reviews before your purchase! If you cannot find a customization option or a specific doll, please contact our helpful support we will be more than happy to help!