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TPE Sex Dolls

A seasoned doll user will say, “Go with the TPE Sex Doll” when asked which material to use if he wants a really soft body, jiggly breasts, or spank-able soft buttocks! Thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE material, is a substance that completely replicates the characteristics of human skin. It is ideal for making sex toys and sex dolls since it is highly pleasant to the touch and is completely safe.

TPE differs from silicone in that it is more readily available. The doll factories have more access to it, which lowers the price. When compared to silicone sex dolls, the factory can produce a larger, curvier doll for the same price. Keep in mind, though, that TPE is not flawless. Compared to silicone, it requires greater maintenance. Regular powdering, washing, and cleaning of the skin. All TPE Sex Dolls have a metal skeleton that enables even challenging sex poses and offers three crevices (anal, oral, and vaginal). TPE Dolls like WM Doll and YL Doll arrive with included authenticity certificates.

Tenderdolls is a well-known seller and distributor of genuine TPE sex doll brands. You can be absolutely sure that the doll purchased from Tenderdolls will be made from the highest grade TPE by the original manufacturer that made the photoshoots for the dolls. We recommend checking out our lovely Trustpilot Reviews ★★★★★ before making a purchase. If you have any questions about the dolls themselves or customization, please let us know.

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