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Teen Sex Dolls

In this category you will find teen sex dolls made from Silicone & TPE. This collection was created for those who like dolls young looking, slim, natural, with untouched beauty!

A doll has to fit these criteria to be in teen sex doll category. She has to have the young vibe around her, young face and body features, smaller natural breasts and natural body. If you like such features, than this category is for you. Browse through the dolls and find your favorite. Keep in mind, some of these dolls are made from TPE, some from Silicone. If this is your first time, we would recommend checking TPE teen sex dolls, since their are more affordable. If the budget is not a big concern, then we recommend checking Silicone teen sex dolls, as they offer a premium feel and experience. Anyhow, a Teen category is a great place to start, since these dolls are lighter, easier to move around and poseare cheaper because of their lower material footprint!

No matter if you choose TPE teen sex doll or a silicone one, you will have great experience, since most of them offer all three crevices, oral, anal and vaginal.
(Please look in the description of the doll to see what sex functions are offered)

Tenderdolls is a verified vendor that distributes only genuine teen dolls from 10+ manufacturers. Please always check our heartwarming reviews on Trustpilot, also TDF forums of the manufacturer that makes your favorite doll.  We really hope you will find your teen doll on Tenderdolls, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help!!

(Attention: This teen sex doll category is super sexy and not for light hearted, so browse at your own risk!)