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Asian Sex Dolls

It’s said that Asian ladies never age. While we are unsure about it, we do know that Asian sex dolls are genuinely ageless!😊. On this page you will find dolls from the Asian sex doll category that are incredibly attractive, very feminine, and exude a sense of timidity. A doll must exhibit Asian facial characteristics, such as narrow-ish eyes, petite cheekbones, and adorable ageless faces, in order to fall under this category. If you are searching for a sex doll just like that, you have come to the right place! A handpicked Asian sex doll category by Tenderdolls!

These sex dolls are made both from TPE and Silicone (please check the descriptions to know which material was used). We recommend choosing an Asian silicone sex doll if your budget allows it, as they are more premium in feel, have fewer maintenance requirements when compared to TPE dolls, and will age better since manufacturers are currently switching from TPE to silicone sex doll production. TPE Asian sex dolls are more affordable and softer, but they require regular powdering to stop the dirt accumulation and stickiness of the skin. Additionally, silicone dolls typically do not have an oral entrance, but please always confirm it by reviewing product descriptions (Top Sino, Sino Doll silicone dolls have oral)! TPE dolls always have three crevices: oral, anal, and vaginal.

Tenderdolls is a verified Asian sex doll seller and distributor of 10+ original sex doll brands. If you choose a doll from our store, you can be completely sure that she is the Original doll, produced by the same manufacturer that created the dolls for the photo shoots! We always recommend checking our lovely ★★★★★ Trustpilot before making a purchase! If you have any questions whatsoever, or cannot find a customization option that interests you, please contact us via live chat or email. We are very happy to be able to help!😊

(Attention: purchasing an Asian sex doll can have the side-effect of giving you yellow fever! But this time you don’t have to discuss it with your doctor. It’s a pleasure to receive such love for Asian sex dolls!)