Are Sex Dolls Legal? (USA & UK covered)

Sex dolls, unfortunately, still have a stigma attached to them, which means that some governments have laws forbidding the sales of certain sex dolls. In this article we will cover legal issues when purchasing love dolls and what type of love dolls are not allowed in different countries.

No man will want to get involved in any activities that are not legal. When buying sex dolls, legalities depend on a person’s age, geographical location, and other requirements. If using sex dolls is not legal in your country, then there is might be some legal risk involved (all sex dolls on Tenderdolls are completely legal in all the countries except Muslim states).

*Please use this article only as a reference and do your own research before purchasing your doll!

Requirements Needed to Be Met for Buying Sex Dolls in the USA Legally

If you want a sex doll as your sexual companion and are wondering how to buy one in the USA legally, there are some things you need to know. Here is a list of requirements people trying to purchase sex dolls in the United States must follow for their legal sex doll purchases.

  • Any person who purchases a sex doll must be 18 years of age or older. It is a requirement in the USA that any person wishing to purchase such an item must be at least 18 years old and not younger.
  • The doll may not be distributed unlawfully and cannot include harmful or illegal substances or unlabeled liquids during transportation.
  • In the USA, you must avoid buying and using pre-pubescent or childlike small sex dolls.
  • The person purchasing the sex dolls must comply with all laws and regulations of the US federal government.

Sex dolls that are mature and have adult features are legal in all states of the USA. There’s no law banning sex dolls in the USA unless the dolls look like children. US federal government banned purchase and use of childlike sex dolls, although there is no legal action taken against people who purchase these dolls. A doll is confiscated at the customs and destroyed if it is considered child-like. Instead of child-like dolls you can click here to find cute anime-style dolls that are absolutely legal all around the world and are a great alternative (with Muslim countries as an exception).

Ways to Buy Sex Dolls in the USA

You can buy sex dolls in the USA by visiting several online stores, but you should know which sex dolls are not legal in the USA. In the USA, not all sex dolls are illegal to purchase and use except the ones that look like children.

Adding on to the series of questions, how do you legally buy sex dolls in the USA? After passing the legal requirements mentioned above in the article, you can buy sex dolls in the USA from various places:

  • Online vendors that distribute sex dolls from the manufacturers and offer a wide range of products that are fully legal in your country.
  • Some people prefer to buy sex dolls from physical stores to get acquainted with the quality of sex dolls. Which is a great idea as it provides firsthand experience of skin colors, shapes, sizes, and features such as big butts, large boobies, and the softness of the materials.
  • Manufacturer warehouses, where they store and sell already fabricated dolls. These dolls are delivered in 3–4 days. If you want to purchase such a doll, it will have the “in stock” label next to it.
  • Second hand market. A great place is thedollforum. There are people who sell already used dolls and dolls that are too heavy for them to handle and use.

How To Buy Sex Dolls Legally In The USA?

Buying sex dolls is a very sensitive topic globally. People who want to buy sex dolls as an alternative to a sex partner need to follow all the legal requirements. Unfortunately, it is difficult for people interested in buying sex dolls in the US to get information about where to buy these lifelike and high-quality sex dolls that will not break any laws and won’t get their package confiscated.

If you are not sure which dolls will be best for your purpose, you can read up on forums of previous customers experiences or visit a sex doll brothel to experience the dolls before buying one for yourself.

Must Not Buy If You Are Under Age

It is highly prohibited to buy and use sex dolls if you are younger than 18. If you haven’t yet lived an adult life and want to fulfill your sexual desire, then ask your adult friend or family member to purchase a love doll for you. Underage people cannot purchase a love doll according to current laws.

Must Avoid Purchase of Childlike Sex Dolls

Using childlike sex dolls is completely banned by the government of the USA. According to them it promotes negative and sexual thoughts against children. When purchasing a child-like doll a buyer can have his package confiscated by the customs. The seller will not return the money the customer paid. As far as the legal risk for the buyer, there is none, except a confiscated and destroyed doll and a hole in his wallet!

Laws And Legalities Of Sex Dolls In The UK

In the United Kingdom, it is legal to import a sex doll if the intention is to use it for sexual gratification. However, it is illegal to purchase and use sex dolls in the UK if the doll is childlike in appearance and is created to be used in sexual way. If the doll does not vaginal, anal cavities, it is legal for it to be shipped. Other than that purchase of TPE & silicone sex doll which are taller than 148cm are safe in most countries and are considered adult. Such purchase is absolutely legal.

What Is The Situation With Buying And Using Sex Dolls In Norway?

In Norway, items similar to sex dolls and other sexual products can be bought from adult shops or the internet. The law does not prohibit people from buying and owning adult sex dolls. However, purchasing and using sex dolls under 125 cm is illegal. If you are caught buying and using childlike sex dolls, the Norwegian government may punish you and may create a criminal case. So be very careful of your purchases!

Is Using Sex Dolls Legal in Sweden?

Using sex dolls in Sweden is not a new thing that people from Sweden have adapted to. The government of Sweden also allows buying and using sex dolls by following all the laws regarding sex dolls, whether age-related or avoiding buying childlike sex dolls because the high court of Sweden prohibits it.

But people in Sweden said that having their own sexual dolls had many benefits. It also allows people to explore different interests and sexual activities without emotionally risking themselves.

What is The Legal Status Of Sex Dolls In Australia?

Many people who belong to Australia might wonder whether it’s legal to buy and own sex dolls in Australia or not. The answer is not that simple: yes and no. Dolls that are mature in appearance and taller than 148cm are allowed to be imported and owned by the Australian public. The jurisdiction of South Australia becomes the first jurisdiction to ban childlike sex dolls that look below ten years old. You only have to be concerned of the confiscation of your doll if it appears child-like in appearance. Small breasts are also a red flag, please be mindful of that!

Legalities of sex dolls in New Zealand?

Sex dolls are a hot and sensitive topic in New Zealand. In contrast, the company that manufactures adult sex dolls has approval from the government for importing such products. The government of New Zealand, just like Australia, also banned childlike sex dolls. Also, the size of sex dolls cannot be below 5’4″ (164cm).

Legal Status of Sex Dolls in Muslim Countries

Some Muslim countries completely ban sex dolls, whether you buy or use them. If you live in one of the Muslim countries or are planning on traveling there, then you might be wondering whether it would be legal for you to own or purchase a sex doll for yourself. Some Muslim countries that prohibit buying and owning sex dolls are:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • The UAE (United Arab Emirates)
  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Iran and Iraq

Final Thoughts

Here we discussed sex dolls and their legalities. The key information from the article is that all sex dolls are completely legal (except in Muslim countries ) as long as they are not childlike in appearance and are tall enough (148cm+). The risk of buying an illegal doll is confiscation. If you don’t want to burn your pocket, please be sure to check dolls that abide by the laws of your country!

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