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Hip and Butt Masturbators from Qita Doll

Qita Doll Hip masturbators Butt Masturbators

Introducing a new line of products: affordable Qita Doll butt masturbators. If you wanted a full-sized doll but did not want the hassle of hard cleaning or difficult storage, these products are for you. They are light, easy to move around and hide.

Tenderdolls really wanted to introduce something cheaper than a regular sex doll, which can cost thousands of dollars. We understand that not all people can spend so much money on a whim. The Qita Doll masturbators cost $399 USD and go up to $499 USD.

So far, Qita Doll has been selling these masturbators only in their local market, which is why it is difficult to find them when searching for them on western sex doll vendor websites. Tenderdolls is probably the first vendor offering such products to our western audiences, with many hip masturbators to come!

These products are made from high-grade TPE and are very soft since they do not have a metal skeleton inside like full-sized love dolls do. You have probably noticed that the designs of the butts look very realistic, which is because they are copies of a real woman’s vagina and butt. Qita Doll workers copy the shape of the butt from real female models and make a copy mold to make it into a sex doll butt. Check out the pictures below to see how it’s done:

If you have any questions about the hip and butt masturbators from Qita Doll, please let us know; we would be more than happy to answer them. Happy shopping! 🙂

Click here to find all Qita Doll butt masturbators!


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