How do I return?

We accept refunds. The product has to be unused and unopened. The customer will have to bear the costs of shipping the doll back to the factory.

The best way to get rid of a doll if you’re not interested in her anymore is to sell it either on the local ad listing or on the dollforum. Please note that dollforum does not allow selling of younger looking dolls, so please keep that in mind!

Also, keep in mind, that dolls that are in mint condition and have removable vaginas are easier to sell!

If you have any further question about selling process of a doll, please reach out to us on live chat or [email protected]

Can I exchange?

If you have placed an order and you want to exchange to a different doll, you can do that in the first 72 hours after purchase. No additional fees will be present if instead of sending you a full refund, we send you either a partial refund or ask for an additional payment to cover the price difference for the exchanged dolls.

The exchange can be made to a different manufacturer altogether.

If you wish to exchange your doll, please contact us using Live Chat or at [email protected]

Don’t see an answer to your question? You can always ask a question by sending us an email at [email protected] or using the live chat widget on our website. We are more than happy to help!