My order status is still ‘On Hold’, when will she start being made?

Don’t worry if the status of your order is showing ‘On Hold’. Once you place your order, the order is sent to the factory in within 1 day’s time. It means that the order was received and it is being manufactured even though her status says “On-hold”

Why don’t you change the status to processing, once the order placed?

  • Weirdly enough, this is done to save costs. Some customers, once they order, might feel that they want a different doll or post-pone the order for an important reason.
  • The status change is delayed deliberately so that we could provide a full refund for the customer who has changed his mind when the order was “On-hold“. If the order status was changed to “Processing“, unfortunately, a $150 processing/restocking fee will be charged for a cancellation of an order.
  • Once the doll arrives to her final destination, the order status will be changed to Completed