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Simply the most astonishing sex dolls around. From thick and curvy to small and petite. These videos provide you with the real sensation of how it would feel owning a sex doll from Tenderdolls. As some customers see these super realistic dolls for the first time, it is useful to observe how they would look like in their homes, on their beds, ready for cuddling. Having a sex doll have never been this exciting!

Posing the Sex Dolls

These dolls have a metal frame inside to give them the ability to hold a pose. Simply put her on a level surface, and move her joints to a desired position. If you have chosen “standing feet” option, then you can make her stand, lean on a wall to have sex with her in the standing position. Generally, with these sex dolls, every pose is possible. Doggy style, missionary, spooning, having sex with them while they stand from behind. Once the doll is cleaned, she can be safely stored lying on the bed, in her storage box, or hung up in the closet via hook mechanism.

See Love Dolls in their truest form

As a love doll is a newly found treasure for most of the adult toy users, it is great to see a sex doll video, of just how real they look in real life. Shot from different angles, a video camera can showcase much more than a any photo shoot can. And this information is very useful for those, who cannot decide, what features they like their love dolls to have. Upon the customer demand, a video of his doll, straight from the factory, is taken and shown to him after the production finishes, so he would know exactly, what he will receive. This way we will be 100% sure that the user will be happy with his doll after the delivery is finished!

Bouncy, squishy and sexy!

You would be absolutely shocked, how good these dolls from tenderdolls feel in your hands. A silky soft skin satisfyingly reacts to users gentle grope. A fiercer slap to the breasts, sends them shaking around like they were filled with water! What a site to experience! A butt slap will rock your world with the long lasting shaking of the buttocks. We can assure that you will not be able to get enough of the fleshy butt, and will want to see how it looks in different positions, how to it reacts to different slap techniques. All this might become your most pleasurable thing to do with your love doll! Apart from having exceptional sex, that is!

See Sex Doll features from All angles

Before you buy these videos are going to help you immensely! The difficult part, when deciding whether you want to have a love doll, is seeing the gorgeous pictures, but not an actual video. This makes customers wonder, how do they feel, how do they respond to the touch in real life. And this is why we created this video collection, to show you the capabilities of these love dolls from all angles. We perfectly understand that, when going through the pictures of your favorite adult doll, certain features might not be easily seen, for example the vaginal or anal crevices. Some of you may know that Asian countries do not allow certain sex features of a woman to be publicly shown or photographed. This is why some photo shoots lack the necessary pictures of the “nether” areas, as the photographer is not allowed to picture them. It might be strange for us in the western countries, but there is a solution! Believe it or not, a video can include all the sexy womanly body features! Making the choosing of a sex doll easier after you see these sex doll videos!

How to tell which breasts are Hollow and which are Solid?

While browsing around you might have noticed, that we include two breasts options for our dolls: hollow and solid. These options can be changed under the images of any doll in her product page, next to the eye color, skin color, feet type, and so on. If you want to decide which breast type you want your doll to have, think of it like this: hollow breasts feel and react like normal human breasts. It is soft and squishy, it feels good and realistic, while being touched. However, there are some people that actually prefer the “solid” breast type, as they represent a silicone breast implants, in the real world. More firm, less bouncy, but holding its shape very well and not sagging. Depending on the option you choose, sex doll breasts will definitely satisfy your needs whether they are hollow or solid. These sex doll videos will show you how these different breast types look like and how they react. Keep in mind, that the hollow breast option is the more popular one! Meaning that, in the most of these videos, you will see the bouncy hollow breast options more, only some dolls will have the “silicone” type of feel solid breasts.

The Softness of the Materials

Every video is intended to show you how the “TPE” material feels to a hand. The skin is soft, squishy, the breasts easily conform to the user’s hand. Jiggly skin is one of the selling points of these dolls. They mimic the properties of real-human skin and give the same experience as touching real woman’s breast. Once you receive a doll like this you will be surprised how realistic it feels. We guarantee it!

You have checked the sex doll videos and want to see the actual love dolls? Check our “All Sex Dolls” category, or narrow it down to “BBW sex dolls” or “skinny petite sex dolls” categories. And pick a doll that is the most fitting to your needs!