Skinny vs Curvy Sex Dolls. Pros and Cons of Ownership.

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Buying a sex doll requires the same kind of thought and planning as does any important purchase. Think of it as similar to buying a car: how much do you want to spend? What style would you like? What facets are important, and what are less vital? Do you need a voluptous doll that is fun to squeeze or a pretty / skinny sex doll one that is light to move around?

These are all valid questions. A sex doll is an investment, a valuable item that will be with you for many years, will serve your needs regularly, and will be an item you enjoy using, time and again. Choosing the body type for your doll is one of the most crucial aspects.

Not a Decision that’s Easy to Undo

Your sex doll will arrive just as you design it. From the type of the eyes to the curves of the body, you can customize it all. If you like the head, but not that keen on the body, you can change the body to the one you like within the same manufacturer. But once the doll is manufactured that is it, the curvature will not be able to be changes, so it is very important to decide correctly whichhead and body you prefer.

So, the decision has to be one that you will stick with for as long as you keep your doll. That’s why it’s good to consider now: which is better, a skinny doll, or a curvy one? There are pros and cons to both, so let’s work through the process.

What’s the Fantasy?

Personal taste is everything. This is your doll. Your fantasies. Your pleasure. So just because your online friend can’t get enough of his curvy black doll, doesn’t mean that has to be your taste. You might prefer the petite, slim Japanese fantasy or a cute anime sex doll with big eyes and cartoonish looks.

Friends and online pals may be able to share their own stories and recommendations but be sure to invest not in what you think will impress them, but what will make you want to keep coming back to your doll, time and again.

Will Curves Rock Your World? Arguments for getting a BBW Sex doll.

A woman’s curves are one of the sexiest things about her, and quality silicone or TPE formed into wide hips, large breasts, and a curvaceous ass can mean your doll is the ideal female partner.

The weight of large breasts in your hands, burying your head into her deep and luscious cleavage, grabbing those thick thighs… this could be your ultimate high.

And then there is the jiggle. The slap of your hand and whole body shakes, just like the fat on a real woman which is very very fun and sexy! The bigger the thighs and the bigger the breasts the more they shake and jiggle.

Slim and Skinny Floating Your Boat? Arguments for getting a Skinny Sex Doll.

It’s no secret that many men love the schoolgirl fantasy, and they may want to create that in their choice of doll. The Japanese or traditionally Asian style, with an adolescent figure that features smaller hips and breasts may just be what drives you wild. Or a caucasian petite beauty with a delicate figure, a thigh gap and a tight butt. Skinny women are awesome and lots of men prefer them because of their fragility, femininity and realistic proportions.

The Pros and Cons

Curvy vs Skinny sex dolls. Yes, it’s down to personal preference, but here are some things to remember, which might make a different in your choice.

  • Smaller dolls will cost less – one reason is that it simply requires less materials. Also the shipping costs will be reduced since the packages are smaller and shipping companies tend to charge for the size of the package not only the weight.
  • Smaller dolls are more likely to stand up alone without buckling. if it’s important for real-life role-play that the doll stands upright, then a curvy doll may not be the answer. TPE is heavy, and oversized breasts may cause her to lean forward or buckle because of her own weight. This is not an issue in bed, but if you have standing roleplay in mind, this is something to keep in mind.
  • Curvy dolls are heavy. It is the biggest downside of a BBW sex doll. It might be hard to pose, to move around in an out of storage, to clean her (if you’ve chosen fixed vagina option). If you are a strong person and want to get a good workout, then it will not be a problem with such a doll!
  • Curvier dolls might be more realistic as a woman’s natural body shape does have curves. But this is your fantasy, don’t forget it!
  • Smaller dolls are easier to store – they’re lighter to pick up and may be easier to slide under the bed or put into the wardrobe when not in use. It is easy to change the poses and clean her.

Why Not Get Both?

Here’s a novel idea: don’t agonize over the decision and get one of each! There’s no rule against the number of sex dolls you can own, and depending on what you’re in the mood for, you may find that no one doll will appeal to the same extent every single time.

Quality dolls, whether they’re curvy or skinny, will still be made from quality materials, so they’ll still be tight in all the right places, and soft in others. What matters is what you want in the moment, in the experience of intimate time with your doll.

You can choose a skinny doll when you need to do a quickie, but leave the voluptuous big ass doll in the closet when you get a strong urge to relieve yourself and you think a skinny doll is not up to the job of getting you excited. One doll for today and another for tomorrow. How cool does it sound! Very very cool!

Hedy S26 160cm Irontech
Hedy S26 160cm Irontech
May GE109 170cm Zelex Sex Doll

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