Sino Doll S-Series, Top-Sino RS and RRS Extreme Comparison

Before attempting a Sino Doll purchase or to reduce confusion, please see the table below with the options that are included and are not included with this doll. Keep in mind, that Sino Doll has three series of their dolls. Older S-Series and newer and improved RS and RRS series.

*this custom option can only be added for extra cost and is not included by default

**the vagina depth for Sino Doll S-Series differs. S-Series can have only 10cm, 13cm, 17cm vagina depths.

Detailed body measurements

In this table you can see detailed measurements of all Sino Doll bodies. This table was created in case you would want to compare two bodies that you like, or if you prefer specific breast size or height of the doll. You can click the image to enlarge it.

Body Photo Comparison

A visual comparison of Sino and Top Sino bodies. This picture was created so you would be able to directly compare your favorite bodies in exact same poses. Please click the image to enlarge it and see the complete picture with all bodies.

Skin Texture Comparison

Below you can see comparison pictures of Sino and Top Sino skin textures. S-Series has the  smoothest skin texture, while Top Sino RS and RRS has an improved skin texture with veins and bumps. Please click on the images you want to enlarge.


Regular Sino Doll S-Series skin without smooth matte effect or hyper realism painting.

Top Sino RS

Top-Sino Doll RS skin with smooth matte effect and improved skin texture.

Top Sino RRS

Top-Sino RRS skin with smooth matte effect, hyper realism painting and improved skin texture.

Helpful GIFS

Please check these moving pictures (GIFS) below to assess the softness of Sino Doll and Top Sino material, skeleton movability and the new easily movable mechanical eyes.

Skeleton Movement

Material Softness

Mechanical Eyes

Regular, Smooth Matte effect (S) and Hyper Realism painting (RS) comparison

A comprehensive gallery comparing regular skin finish next to a smooth matte effect finish and hyper realism painting. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Top Sino RS Details

To better understand the improvements made by Sino Doll when introducing their new Top Sino RS series, please see this gallery below. Keep in mind that RS series lacks the hyper realism painting option which is offered by default on the RRS series dolls. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Top Sino RRS Details

Please check this gallery to better understand the difference between the RS and RRS versions. Keep in mind that RRS series have the hyper realism painting option which is not offered by default on the RS series dolls. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Operation Manual/Instructions

The package will include a user manual with information on how to take care of your doll, pose her, store her and operate her.

Click on the image or this link here to see the full operations manual: Sino Doll Manual