Detailed body measurements

In the tables below, you can see detailed measurements of all Piper doll bodies. This table was created in case you would want to compare two bodies that you like, or if you prefer specific breast size or height of the doll. You can click the image to enlarge it.

Is EVO skeleton worth it?



Increased knee motion – very useful when she’s doing a cowgirl position.



Increased knee motion – very useful for missionary position as it allows her knees touch her chest.



Increased rotational capabilities of EVO skeleton allows for more complex poses.

Which breast option should you choose?

TPE Solid Breasts

Piper solid breasts video

PROS ✔️:

  • Durable and difficult to puncture.
  • Can withstand strong squeezing.
  • Can withstand a lot of weight when laying flat on the stomach.

CONS ✖️:

  • Firm and not very jiggly.
  • Do not react much to gravity or movement.
  • Do not squish or deform much, even in tight clothing.

TPE Hollow Breasts

Piper hollow breasts video

PROS ✔️:

  • Softest of all the options.
  • React to gravity and movement somewhat.
  • Nicely squishes and deforms in clothing, especially tight clothing.

CONS ✖️:

  • Hollowness can be felt due to the smaller resistance inside of the breast.
  • Not as durable as the solid breasts.


TPE Gel (Jelly) Breasts

Piper jelly breasts video

PROS ✔️:

  • Very squishy and very jiggly.
  • Heavily reacts to gravity and movement.
  • Squishes and deforms realistically in clothing, tends to sag realistically and react heavily to gravity.

CONS ✖️:

  • Easier to puncture.
  • Cannot withstand strong squeezing or weight.
  • Does not come free like the other two options.


For more information about the skeleton movement, care and maintenance, precautions, click the link below:

Instructions Manual for Doll4ever/Piper doll