Intelligent Cleaning Set

WM Doll manufacturer has teamed up with a team of engineers to create a all inclusive cleaning kit to make the doll’s cleaning process as swift as possible. This device has three important functions: clean by injecting water, disinfect with ultraviolet light and dry the dolls crevices to make them hygienic and safe for prolonged storage.

This device conforms to the CE standard. It’s function was tested by the factory engineers and samples were sent to various doll owners to make sure that it fulfils the cleaning expectations and offers exceptional cleaning, disinfecting and drying performance.

Device Photos

How to include this item with your purchase?

To include this device with your purchase you will need:

  1. Please choose your favorite WM Doll or YL Doll and enter her product page. Under the “customization” area you will find this device as a separate option. Please see the picture below:
  2. Click the option image so it would be selected.
  3. When you are happy with all the selected options, please navigate to the “add to cart” button and proceed with the checkout process.


How to operate this device?

The package will include a user manual and the device with it’s accessories. To see a video showing how to operate this device and what accessories it will include, please play the video below: