Citibank. Sending a manual bank transfer (Guide)

Firstly, find your favorite doll and place an order while selecting “Manual bank transfer” payment method in the checkout page at Then, initiate a wire transfer using your bank.

  1. Sign on to Citibank® Online at

2. Select “Payments & Transfers” “Any External Account,” and then “Set up a Wire Transfer”

3. Enter additional information as requested

4. Select “Domestic (USA)”

5. Select the Source Account for the transfer from the list shown

6. Select Date of wire transfer.

7. Enter amount of wire transfer and currency, as applicable.

8. Enter our bank information seen below and select “Continue” at the end.

Account holder/Recipient:  TENDL Limited
Account number:  9600000841075474
Routing number (ACH or ABA):  084009519
Account type: Checking
Bank’s name: TransferWise

Bank Address:
19 W 24th Street
New York
United States

9. Don’t forget to add your order number as a reference!

10. Verify wire transfer details and select “Submit” if you agree.

11. (Optional) You can send us a screenshot of the payment receipt so that we can start her manufacturing immediately and without waiting for the funds to reach our account.

If you need any assistance, please write to us at [email protected]. We will try our best to help!