Chase. Sending a manual bank transfer (Guide)

Firstly, find your favorite doll and place an order while selecting “Manual bank transfer” payment method in the checkout page at Then, initiate a wire transfer using your bank.

1. Log into your Chase online account: Sign into your account and click on “Pay & Transfer” on the navigation menu. Then choose “Transfer Money” from the drop-down options.

2. Use our bank information: Confirm that the recipient’s information (such as name, contact information, routing number, etc.) is correct.

Account holder/Recipient: Tenderdolls

Account holder/Recipient:  TENDL Limited
Account number:  9600000841075474
Routing number (ACH or ABA):  084009519
Account type: Checking
Bank’s name: TransferWise

Bank Address:
19 W 24th Street
New York
United States

3. Fill out the wire transfer form: Carefully fill out the wire transfer form with our bank information. Enter the amount needs to be paid for a doll and read over the wire transfer’s fine print.

4. Don’t forget to add your order number as a reference!

5. Finalize the transfer: Confirm that the information you are providing is correct and pay any applicable transfer processing fee.

6. Save your confirmation: Be sure to save any receipt or confirmation you receive after submitting your wire transfer request.

(Optional) Share this receipt with us at [email protected], so that we can start manufacturing your doll without waiting for the money to reach our bank account.

Sending a wire transfer using Chase Mobile® app

  1. Before you’re able to send a wire transfer using Chase Mobile® app, you will have to enable Wire transfers. See the video below on how to do that:

2. Once wire transfers are enabled, you will need to initiate a wire transfer. See the video below on how to do that:

If you need any assistance, please write to us at [email protected]. We will try our best to help!