Bank of America. Sending a manual bank transfer (Guide)

Firstly, find your favorite doll and place an order while selecting “Manual bank transfer” payment method in the checkout page at Then, initiate a wire transfer using your bank.

1. Go to and login to your account.

2. Hover over (but don’t click) the Transfer I Zelle® tab until you see a menu pop up.

3. Select Using Someone’s Account Number and then At another bank.

4. If you are presented with a Service Agreement, after reading it check the acknowledgement box and select I agree.

5. Select Domestic (U.S.).

6. Keep following the instructions of the bank and once you’re prompted to enter our banking details, please enter our bank information seen below:

Account holder/Recipient:  TENDL Limited
Account number:  9600000841075474
Routing number (ACH or ABA):  084009519
Account type: Checking
Bank’s name: TransferWise

Bank Address:
19 W 24th Street
New York
United States

7. Don’t forget to add your order number as a reference!

8. Done!

9. (Optional) You can send us a screenshot of the payment receipt so that we can start her manufacturing immediately and without waiting for the funds to reach our account.