About Tenderdolls

We are a verified vendor, distributing sex dolls since 2019. We are very well regarded by our customers because of our high focus on quality control and customer support. We have worked closely with the factories in the industry to develop new features for the dolls. There are several body designs and heads developed by our designers out there! If you require a genuine sex doll that will last you a long time, we would be forever thankful if Tenderdolls could be your genuine sex doll provider! 🙂

The main benefits of choosing us over your competitors are the very competitive prices, no hidden fees and excellent customer support. You can confirm that by visiting our Trustpilot page for genuine experiences of our previous customers. Also don’t forget to check our Factory Pictures that we receive when a sex doll is finished by the factory. These pictures are sent to the customer and only with his confirmation the doll is shipped to him!

Most Recent Factory Photos (before shipping)

*Only when customer approves the factory pictures the doll is shipped to his address.
* Changes can be made to makeup, areola, labia colors, wigs even after the factory pictures are shown.

If you need any help finding your favorite doll or you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on the live chat or write to us at [email protected]. We will me more than happy to help! 😊